DJ Matty England.


Check out my bad boys! 2 x Technics 1210 MK2 Turntables complimented with a Technics championship Mixer and a Traktor S2 MK3 for running my digital collection. A nice mix of old and new skool which, funnily enough, pretty much sums up the tunage selection frequently coming out of the decks! 

This is 100% just a demonstration website. Please do not try to book me. It will let you, and it will take funds, but I wont be there to fulfill the booking. 

Virtual DJ Bookings

I’m available for virtual LIVE DJ performances or one-to-one video tutorials. I don’t have prices on the website but please do hit the button below and send an enquiry. I usually reply within an hour or two! 

Latest blog posts!

The Streams Return!

In February this year the DJ studio was ripped out with the aim of a full refurb and new focus on a more comfortable and

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Quick Links Around The Site!

This is my personal website and DJ space. The website is undergoing a well needed overhaul to focus on the musicality of Turntablism.

Turntablist DJ Content!

Turntablism is the main theme of this website. I’ll be posting my own videos with various content as well as posting some awesome Turntablist content from around the web.

Cube-Loops Turntablist Sheet Music

Cube-Loops is a sheet music system for vinyl based DJ’s and drastically increases a DJ’s learning curve. It is a system that takes a minimal amount of time to learn yet offers the DJ an arsenal of creative power. Cube-Loops is perfect for traditional vinyl DJ’s and modern control vinyl DJ’s.

The Cube-Loops system has its roots in Turntablism and is best suited for scratch and juggle DJ’s yet lends itself to a huge array of possibilities. Cube-Loops can be used to notate everything from traditional beatmatching mixes with EQ and fades to the most complex of advanced scratch and beat juggle techniques. It gives the advanced technical DJ a way to visualise technique away from the turntables, it speeds up comprehension and in turn general speed of learning.

Cube-Loops is a great tool for the modern DJ using vinyl or control vinyl.