The Streams Return!


In February this year the DJ studio was ripped out with the aim of a full refurb and new focus on a more comfortable and chilled space. Unfortunately just as the box was a hollow shell with half scraped walls Coronovirus kicked in and the rest was history.

The box itself still needs a little TLC but as anyone who knows me will know, it’s also my main work office. The last 6 months however it hasn’t been anything other than an empty box. Even the internet connection was cut off because I refused to pay the bills during that time

Well guess what,,,, I couldnt be more chuffed to say that the bench is back in the box and from the 16th the dedicated Broadband is back out there too. I got my office and DJ studio back, and we can have guests, and its still soundproof (to an extent) and I cant wait to get cracking.

No idea when the first streams will be (getting the business routine up and running again is the main focus at this point) but not long after the 16th the video streams will be back.

NORT (if you know what NORT was) is now gone and wont be making a return. I’ll have a dedicated video lounge here at my own website and instead will be working with various DJs offering support for their own ventures. The fact of the matter is NORT added a layer of repsonsibility and expectation to DJing that often made it NOT enjoyable. It was a good community but the ongoing effort was painful and ruined the vibe.

Anywho, just wanted to shove a blog post out there because its been a while since there has been anything positive to say – or any movement at all for that matter.

16th September!
Ya never know, I might do an ad-hock stream that very day!
(Best get the tunes fired up!)

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