Brand-New Post Covid Website!


So, for the very few people who know me or follow what I’m upto with my DJing shizz, you’ll maybe know about a project I’e been involved in for a few years called NORT  : Nights On Round Tables. Twas never anything special, but a small little community of DJ’s with radio licence and other DJ related branches.

NORT is pretty much no more.
Myself and the team gave it a bit of a push just just as Lockdown kicked in here in the UK but there was a tidal wave of other DJs hitting the streaming and before we knew it the Facebook ban-hammer started getting stricter.

Ultimately, the NORT official website, for some reason, got a full ban from Facebook and we’re now left with no way to connect our Facebook page fans to our video longe and other various services.

We had the choice, of course, of relocating the site, but, we’re also tired of wrestling with the powers that be. DJ streaming, at the time of writing, doesnt have a very good option. (A Facebook licence fee would be frikkin awesome – I’d pay big for that).

Whilst NORT was on the back burner, it kinda got in the way of other things. Like this website. And my own DJ progression. Now don’t get me wrong, I love NORT but it was time-consuming and theres something about having to do something that stops you wanting to do it.

Since I stopped having to do NORT, I’ve been wanting to do ye olde decks.

So here I am. New website. No NORT. Total focus on me and the decks for a while. Feeling full of energy and You might notice I am available – for the first time in years – for DJ Bookings. Just not the usual kind, the booking’s I’m available for are Virtual! And why not?

Thanks for reading. Let’s see where it goes this time!

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